Have what it takes to be India's Next Top Model?

Then you, yes you, could be making your way on to television's most glamorous stage - India's Next Top Model. Simply register, enter Livon Serum's Wildcard Contest, be the Livon Girl and win a shortcut to the show! It doesn't get more fab than this!

Wildcard Contest Stages

Reply your way
to the runway.

For someone who stuns with her style, stunning with your smarts should be easy-peasy. Right! Then stay glued to the Tricks & Treats videos and ace the quiz that follows on 31st October. You never know, you might learn a few tricks along the way too.

Ready. Set. Pose.

In all the madness that life brings, you still slay every moment, while looking your best. Capture those unplanned moments in some fab selfies. Oh, and don't forget! Wear that Livon Serum salon finish hair in every picture and glam it up a few notches. Do read the Terms & Conditions to know what we'll be looking for in those fab selfies.

Stage 2 starts on 31st October

Get your girls to applaud.

Made it to this round? Guess what - you're in the top 10! You go girl! But before breaking into your happy dance, call your girl gang to vote for your photos. The girl with the most votes walks her way to India's Next Top Model. And you know it's gotta be you!

Stage 2 starts on the 3rd November